About Us

Calien Agro Trading is a multinational agro commodities export company, marketing grains, pulses, oil seeds, feed & woods worldwide. Together with our suppliers and buyers, we source products from producers, farmers, processors, local suppliers and market & deliver commodities physically to our buyers, importers, processors, whole-sellers. Retailers all around the world. Being active at evert stage of supply chain from local procurement. Extensive logistics, export operations to deliver, import, storage, distribution. We maximise value for our trade partners and also we get arbitrage opportunities which help us to offer highly competitive prices to our customers with variety of products from different origins.

All this has been made possible because of unfailing regularity, strict adherence to the quality and conformity to the contractual terms and conditions and also timely shipments, entirely to the satisfaction of our esteemed clients, spread over many countries around the world.


Our aim, desire, want and expectancy, is to make sure that we provide our consumers with the best and very good quality product that meet standard requirements at all point in time, we search and get the best for you, we regard to quality with quantity.

We keep working hard every day and night to meet perfection & we want to deliver the world best supplies for our consumers.

We want to make sure our clients get nothing short but the best, so go for the best every time at every step.

Our Commitment to Sustainability.

Sustainability matters – to our customers, to consumers and to us a company. We know that sustainability is a continuous journey, and we are committed to making continuous progress to reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

We build relationships for life

We succeed when our customers succeed

We are all only as strong as our partners and Calien Agro values the professional relationships we have that allow us to succeed as a growing leader in the agricultural industry. We ceaselessly strive to increase efficiency in the origination and distribution of the products that feed the world and gain support from every human link in our supply chain. We value and nurture long lasting relationships with our partners in the industry so we may all reap the rewards of a job well done that makes a difference.
Calien Agro innovates with world-class science to protect crops and improve seeds. Our 2 core businesses support farmers with technologies, knowledge and services so they can sustainably provide the world with better food, feed, fibre, and fuel.

Contributing to the greater good. Making a lasting impact.